Rounding Out The College List, Pt. 2

Dec 24, 2021

High Schools may put restrictions on how many colleges a student can apply to or place a deadline for transcript requests. But if there's some wiggle room or you are simply free to keep looking, here are some colleges that won't take much more work than your Common App essay -- that's right, NO supplemental material required.

The acceptance rates of these institutions vary, from Northeastern and Grinnell at approximately 20% to Connecticut College at 37% to Eckerd at about 68%

Grinnell, founded in the 19th Century, is a leading liberal arts college and part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Drew in New Jersey is well-known for theater and its Wall Street Semester

Connecticut College has an Architectural Studies major, rare for a liberal arts college.

One attractive feature of Eckerd College of Florida? You can study Marine Science right on the Gulf Coast.

Hartwick College is one of the pioneers of the three-year degree

Hood College is an under-the-radar liberal arts institution with an excellent location, not too far from Baltimore and DC

Check out the innovative Media X major at the University of the Pacific

Use your Common App filter to find more colleges with no supplemental requirements

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