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I'm a self taught iOS developer that likes to publish blog posts and tutorials about what I've learned.

I develop apps and blog about how to use new Apple developer tools around my 9-5 job, taking care of my pets, and all the other things I need to do to be a real person. Buying me a coffee or 2 helps keep me going with more app updates and more blog posts.

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Helping the Entertainment Industry

Mar 13, 2020

One of the industries hit by COVID-19 is the entertainment industry. Festivals, gigs, performances, and conferences are being canceled, which is hurting the people who work those events. To help the people being affected by the cancellations, I am going to donate all of March’s proceeds I receive from my apps, Buy Me a Coffee, or Patreon to Behind the Scenes.

If you are considering purchasing an app of mine or supporting me another way, go here to do one of those and know that your support this month will be given to Behind the Scenes.

If you feel inspired to donate directly, then please do!!! Here’s the link to the Behind the Scenes donation page.

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iHog v2020.4 has been released!

Mar 11, 2020

A new update has been released and should be populating the App Store soon.

This release added LED feedback for the playback section.

To read the release notes, go to!

With this release, I upped the price by $2.00 (USD). We will see if this causes a stir. If it does, then I'll lower it again, but I think being $3.99 is still a reasonable price. My goal is to get the app to act as much like the console as possible. This means having soft-key support and allowing users to customize how the interface works like one would do on a display. I think this is possible, but it will be a lot of work on my end, which is why I've increased the cost of the app.


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I changed the price back to $1.99 shortly after this post since COVID-19 hit a lot more people, and I did not want to charge more during this time.

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