Below you will find the 1st part of the Mentorship Example Series that covers Titus 1-3 in the Word of God. In this letter, Paul delves into instructing Titus, a young man he was discipling and an elder in his own walk. As Paul does so well throughout scripture, he mentors and guides Titus through the process of establishing the church at Crete firmly in the foundation of Jesus Christ. There are false teachings and other things that are going on against scripture that Titus is being led through the process of how to address them and handle them in all reverence and consideration of Godly instruction and leadership.

A few key topics addressed in Titus 1:

Qualifications to be an Elder and the Weight of Responsibilities of Elders in the Church

A few topics addressed in Titus 2:

What Qualities to Attain to in a Sound Church Body and Grace of God Training

A few topics addressed in Titus 3:

The Need of Submission to Authority and Abiding in the Understanding of Grace

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