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Arah, we adore you! may you always have the courage & strength to bring your full humanity into the gift of writing.

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I love how you make me question subconscious beliefs I didn't even know I carried around with me. Thank you for being a source of light.

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I continue to be amazed by your writing. It's so hard-hitting and truthful. Written always so eloquently. Saying things everyone else is afraid to say. Peeling the layers of the onion. Not being afraid to look at what's underneath. You write mostly about black men and women, and I am a white woman, but there are so many universal truths in what you write. So many lessons for anyone who reads. It really makes you think and gives new, fresh perspectives. I always look forward to what you come out with next and it's always just as impressive as the last. You really have a true gift and I can't wait to read more.