We have decided to create a Buy Me A Coffee page, where you, our supporters, can show us your support!

Honestly, this is where we hit a mental blank as to what to write in this first post.

Carrying on our general creed of honesty, we will say this: the Occult world is a thankless, heartless place (well, what else do we expect) - especially if you are a content creator. Many people (and when we say many, we mean MANY) download our free PDF's, listen to our podcast, follow us on Facebook and YouTube...yet as far as people actually indicating their support in a way that constitutes more than just a few downloads, views, likes etc...then people simply go mute.

Oh, we are aware that our works reach many people, and we are also aware that our works truly help many people in their practices as well - however, to get an email or message to simply say "thank you for helping me through a spiritual impasse" or anything of the like is like hitting a lottery jackpot - in the sense that few people dare to actually thank us for the free content we put out (we can literally recount these people by name)...however, when it comes to the downloading/listening/watching...then everyone lines up in masses.

What we ask for is your support - and if not by thanking us (even privately), then by you buying us a coffee so that we know that you have found worth in our works...free or even otherwise.

Nonetheless, we have also created three membership tiers available as well, each one offering more perks than the previous - and all of which are exclusive to the people who subscribe to these membership tiers here.

So feel free to show us your support - we assure you that every little "cup" counts as motivation to put out even more content for you all.