It was unusually quiet. My classmates talked less and I find it weird since I knew that they were really talkative. Maybe this morning was different.

I silently walked in the aisle and sat on my chair at the back. I looked around but nothing's weird except the stillness of my classmates. They were really quiet.

I wanted to ask my seatmate on what happened but I knew that no one will answer me. I shrugged my shoulder. I was used being shut anyway.

I opened my backpack and got my notebook. Today's first subject was Math and I sucked on this subject the most. I didn't know why I could not get the right solutions for math problems.

It was really easy if the teacher was demonstrating it to us, but when I got the term paper and read new math problem, I always end up staring the test paper wondering how to answer such strange and new math problems. I always ended up in a panicked state where my mind stopped processing.

"Good morning," someone greeted from the front.

I looked at the one who strolled happily towards the teacher's table at the front. At first, I did not recognize him but when he stood firm and looked at the whole class, my mouth opened slightly in awe.

He was the guy yesterday, the witness of the 'dead' kitten. I blinked twice but yeah, I guess he's really standing in front of the class.

"Good morning, Sir!" my classmates greeted.

He looked again the whole class and gestured us to stand up. "We'll have some activity where I'll introduce myself to you, and ya'll introduce yourself to me," he said.

My classmates looked unto each other. I just nodded slightly, hoping that he will not notice me ---

"Miss, with silky black hair at the back," the teacher called.

I breathed deeply and smiled. "Yes, Sir?"

"Would you please stay here in front?"

His favor to me silenced the whole class. My lips parted slightly as I contemplated if I heard him right. I did not raise my hand nor said something to get his attention.

And I was sure that my classmates thought of this as a weird start of the class.

"You want me to go in front, Sir?" I asked.

I want to clarify if I heard it right or nah. Maybe my ears betrayed me.

Anthony, as what he told me yesterday as his name, nodded with a little creased forehead. "I don't want to repeat myself, Miss."

Oh. I guess he's a strict teacher. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked past the class' aisle. I could feel the stares of my classmates and I could not help but to think that I did something wrong to them.

As a matter of fact, I was not the first option. This was the first time that someone picked me first.

"Now that you are here," Anthony whispered. He stalked closer to me and handed something. "Write down the names of your classmates on the chalkboard including yours."


His lips formed a small smile. "You want me to repeat myself?"

I immediately shook my head. "I-I understand, Sir."

I got the stick of the chalk from his hand and started writing on the chalkboard. I breathed deeply as my lips started to quiver.

"Make it a table like list, with four columns and five rows."

I silently looked at him and our eyes instantly met. I looked back the chalkboard and focused my attention to writing the names of my classmates.

Four columns and five rows...

I did what he instructed me to do, but at the middle of writing, I quietly stopped and looked to the class. The truth was I only knew a handful names of my classmates.

I did not know the whole class, just half of them. And those I knew were onces became my groupmates or pair during an activity. So how am I going to write all of their names?


I blinked and looked at the teacher. He should not pick me up in the first place. Right then, I just hope that he did not pick me first.

"I could not write them down, Sir." I looked on the floor.

"And why?" he asked.

There was a hint of playfulness in his tone. I wanted to confront him but I did not want to shame him in front of his class or talk as if I he was not a teacher. I did not want to be rude so I just shyly smiled at him.

"I only know few of them," I humbly said.

The intense feeling of stares from my classmates was not really good. I wanted to sit back on my chair at the back, but I did not want to appear disrespectful to the teacher.

"That's okay." He played with his pen on his fingers and calmly smiled. "You'll perform the activity first."

"W-What?" I cleared my throat. "I mean... uh."

"You mean what?"

I gave up. I shook my head. "What will I do, Sir?"

"Kindly introduce yourself in the form of singing. Make the lyrics your name, age, and what you love the most."

My cheeks burned red in embarrasment. He wanted me to sing? In front of my classmates?

"Is there another ---"

He interrupted me. "No other means. Only singing."

"But I am not uh... really good with singing."

"Just try it."

I knew that whatever I reasoned out to him, he will always win because he was the teacher in class.

I did what he wanted me to do. I sing my name. "Sydnee Lurica loves being alone for sixteen years of her life." I cleared my throat. "That's all, Sir."

He stared at me longer than usual. And I find that disturbing so I looked down on the floor. That was when he clapped for three times. "Very unique voice and creative, Sydnee."

The moment my name rolled out in his tongue, my breath hitched. The way he pronounced my name was something special and... intriguing.

"T-Thank you, Sir."

I immediately walked back to my chair but he stopped me. "Please write your name on the board."

I turned and walked back to the front. I got a chalk and hurriedly wrote my name on the chalkboard. I even misspelled my name because of nervousness.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry," I said softly and reached for the eraser. And that thing was near the teacher so I had to move closer to him.

"Write calmly, Sydnee. No one's after you," he whispered and chuckled a bit.

My forehead creased again. No one told me that he was a comedian, or some sort of. I just slightly nod my head as an acknowlegdement and erased my name on the board. I wrote it again neatly as possible.


I put the eraser back on its place and walked back to my chair at the back.

"Let's give some applause to Miss Sydnee for participating in class."

I stopped in my tracks when I heard the clapping of my classmates. My heart skipped a beat as I listened to them, clapping their hands for me. This was the first time that they did that for me.

And that was because of Teacher Anthony.

I turned around to look at him but he was busy reading the class record now. I sighed and sat quietly on my chair. My seatmate even gave me a weird look and a small creeping smile.