Wandering days are confusing. I have something important to do, but I get distracted, drifting from one thing to another. Oh, I need to clean my desk. I need to text some people. I need to–

Although I’m able to get a lot done, I’m still a drifter. There are times when I mentally beat myself up for not focusing. I think, “Why can’t I just get it together?”

As an INFP, I expect this since I excel at divergent thinking and appreciating newness. However, that also means I have to deal with jumping from one thing to the next.

Unfortunately, the last week of October, I got hit with heat exhaustion (#floridaproblems), so I ended up spending time on the couch doing nothing to recover.

While in that state, I decided to binge-watch “K-ON!”. Besides being a super cute anime, I also got an unexpected lesson in dealing with my wandering mind.

“K-ON!” follows the journey of Yui Hirasawa, a directionless high school student. Many people see her as lazy and hopeless. However, when she joins the light music club and starts learning to play guitar, she is captivated. She’s still a wanderer, but at the same time, she dedicates herself to improving as a guitarist and supporting the light music club.

The watershed moment in the show is when Yui makes the observation that she may have seemed like she was going randomly through life, but all that time, she hoped something would come along into which she could pour all her energy.

“K-ON!” is an unexpected exploration of work ethic, and the lessons learned are worth sharing. So here are some more observations on the beauty of unfocus.

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