I am guilty of ignoring this page for a long time. I am so sorry. For the entire time, I've been wanting to offer a little something more to those who donate, but I just had no clue what that could be.

It may have taken me a year, but I've finally figured out how to offer something extra in a way that fits with my current writing flow. I'm happy to share that now there are membership tiers to my support page.

I often have to cut my blog posts because they get too long, so I will be using that "deleted" information for my exclusive extras. Book projects often grow out of my blog posts so at mid-level tiers, you'll receive any book that I publish while you're supporting at that level. See my Buy Me a Coffee home page for details.

I'm also on working on making it possible for those who do a single time donation to have early access to either a blog post or an exclusive post the month that they donate.

Sorry it's taken me so long to find a way to show more fully that I appreciate your support, but thank you!