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Dark and Twisted

Mar 14, 2022

A walk through the ancient oaks & laurels in Derrycassin Wood, on Loch Gowna between Cavan and Longford.

Dense, dark, and primeval, this beautifully managed woodland is submerged in such deep shadow from the tall evergreens that the undergrowth is sparse, and the inner trails fall completely silent. The air is oxygen-saturated and full of the intoxicating aroma of moist, mossy earth.

The pathways are strewn with the weathered sculptures of petrified stumps and the gnarled, intertwined limbs of ancient trees. They seemed even more alive now as emperors of this shadowy underworld, than when they stood young and tall in full leaf, reaching towards the light.

📸 Derrycassin Wood, Granard, Ireland, 2012 

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