Here's a little photo digest to round up some of the nearby sights. Summer beckons as the springtime rains have tapered off, the evening chill has faded away, and the longer sun-drenched days have infused the surroundings with an intoxicating radiant warmth that is always cloaked in the scent of nearby tropical flowers. A wildly new seasonal experience, for sure!

There is always a different palette of blue at East Bay. On break times, I have only to walk a couple of blocks to sit and wait for a sighting of the occasional heron, group of pelicans (which incidentally is known as a "squadron"), or even a wayward dolphin or sea turtle.

The pictures I take with my Nikon, vs. the impromptu shots from my iPhone, are a much higher resolution and eligible for good quality printing. The top candidates, like this beauty of a magnolia blossom, get to be on luster prints & postcards on my RedBubble store. I add new things regularly so if you're interested, you can check it out at the link at the foot of this story.

Not all of the intriguing sights are bathed in sunshine, however. I love spending time creeping around for a look at the primordial ferns and fungi that carpet the understory.

Ferns have an endless fascination for me. Beyond their recursive fractal design, and the fact that they predate the technology of reproduction by seeds & flowers, is their incredibly low photosynthetic metabolism; in other words, they can get by on surprisingly little sunlight (which I can't). My love for ferns goes back at least to the time I visited Ireland years ago, where the cool, lush landscape supports a rich diversity that is deeply woven into local culture. (And before you ask, yes! I have lots of pictures and stores that I would be happy to share one day!) Deep inside the Neolithic crypt of Newgrange, there is a tiny etching of prehistoric graffiti, carefully detailed on stone; a loving symbol of memory, renewal, and rebirth.

To wrap up, here’s a dose of my morning sunshine. All plants are carriers of memory, and true to form, these cannas were first given to me by a friend with an inspiring passion for sunshine, travel, and adventure; they in turn have traveled with me to their latest home where they will continue to grow and divide, bearing more stories yet to be shared wherever they go.

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Peace, Love, & Travel 🌅 ✌️

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