It’s been a while, but I’m back (I promise my days have been very full!) Another move down, and spring is here, so - fingers crossed 🤞- we’re out of range of daytime goosebumps. Several days lately here on the Panhandle have been chilly, but clear enough to make the spring breakers rue that extra hour at the beach. 🦞😳

In the hours between projects I’ve squeezed in some time to flex my right brain a little, and play with some color. 🎨 I’m rusty but it still feels good!

First off, I used some “earth dust” to make “space dust,” aka., galactic portraits with toothbrush-splattered “star” paint. Yes, it was messy as it sounds. After the second round the scene looked like a raid on a kindergarten art supply closet.

Which one is your favorite? Nobody I’ve asked seems to agree! Which I think is fascinating.

Next I turned back to pastels layered on traced suede mat board (there’s a shot of how this works further down). Bird’s the word.

Love this little guy. He’s a fine specimen of a kingfisher, known to mythology as “Halcyon.” ✨

The ancient Greeks told a story of ill-fated lovers - daughter of the wind god and son of the morning star - who were transformed to kingfishers.

Then one of my favorite creatures, a lovely lithe heron. I’m lucky enough to see them daily here.

I think of all the creatures I enjoy learning to paint the birds the most; the feathers lend themselves well to the flow and texture of the chalk. Fortunately chalk is a patient teacher 💙

Oops...that last one may have been a sneak peek [wink 😉]... Trying something different. Gotta wait until next time though.

For any of you on Instagram, you can follow the projects in detail at @archelonstudios and @archelonoriginals.

Stay tuned for more space splatter and chalky feathered friends!

Peace, Love, and Travel ✌️ 🌅 (and Art!)