Advice: if you’re not much on blues, greens, and turquoise, you might want to turn back’re about to get an overdose. 😳

Lunch break is as good a time as any to grab a bite in the fresh air, making the most of midwinter sunshine. But the beach preserve at Navarre is really a picnic location to suffer through. Who said this would be a bright idea, anyway?

Yes, the water is really that clear. It’s somewhat misleading when you can see straight to the bottom, giving the impression that there’s nothing there at all. That magical shimmering over the sand? Very distracting. Then there’s an obnoxiously large pier, just standing there, gleaming in the sun, feet planted in the sugar-white sand, with crystal water sloshing around its ankles - as if to say with a smirk, “Yes, I get to be here all the time.”

(And a little b&w to give you a break from all the blue...)

Lots of footprints from feathered tourists, disturbing the naturally smooth finish of the sand. Rude...🪶

The decor is questionable. Imagine walking through a Tiffany’s showroom that’s been smashed with a wrecking ball, with colorful fragments of precious glass strewn across the floor like a mosaic, crunching underfoot. It’s something like that. Who came up with that?

So, you get the picture. It’s not for everyone. If you think you can grin & bear it, let me know; I’ll head over to the pier and join you for moral support, so you don’t have to cope with it alone. ☀️ 🐚