It’s officially turtle nesting season here in Florida. The state parks on the coastline have begun releasing rescued turtles back into the watery wild, and mama “greenies” nestle into the warm white sand across protected areas to nurture a clutch of next-gen turtle eggs.

We’re destined to see a whole lot more mamas, since the gender is determined by the temperature & humidity prior to hatching. Male turtles grow in cooler, moister sand, while a hot, dry nest triggers female development. Our coastlines are generally warmer these days during nesting season.

The most noticeable distinction between full-grown sea turtles is tail length. Since you can’t quite tell from this angle, we’ll even up the gender balance and say this one gets to be a dude 😄

Here he is, deconstructed. Grid traced on 16x20 suede, layered in hard & soft pastel chalk (now framed).

Peace, Love, & Turtles! ✌️🌅