Apparently, National Dolphin Day was this week - a fact I didn't know when I wrapped up this last sketch over the weekend. So, here's looking at you, Flipper! 🐬

This one was fun but challenging! I need more practice painting smiling splashy mammals. This chatty dude looks like he just splashed up to say hi. Incidentally, dolphins can speak faster than almost any other mammal; they communicate with clicking sounds at a rate of up to a thousand per second...😳 (That’s almost as fast as some people can text LOL)

Since we've started traveling in Florida, I've kept a sharp eye on the horizon, and on the harbors as we cross various bridges, hoping for more than a momentary glimpse of a dolphin skimming the surface. We hit the "motherlode" of dolphin sightings just a couple of weeks ago, in Destin where the water was sparkling a clear pale shade of turquoise. All morning, dolphins leapt in playful pairs right on the shoreline, splashing and sparkling in the sun for hours, no doubt curious about the paddle boarders keeping them company. It was worth the wait. I loved watching their blissful, effortless dance, and feeling their friendly, intelligent energy.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Peace, Love, Travel...and 42.