I’ve “turtelly” enjoyed making this chalk sketch of one of my most favorite creatures! 😍 

The Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) is one pretty awesome chic; she can live over 70 years, grow to a size over 400 lbs, and travel the world over immense distances of thousands of miles. 💚 Still, she’ll always make her way back to her home shore to nest, carefully burying over 100 eggs that will hatch and make their way into the water. 🌊

Florida’s mild waters host large numbers of several sea turtle species, including these ladies. Just a few miles away from where we are on the panhandle, the Marine Science Station in Navarre runs a sea turtle conservation program that helps protect and monitor the beautifully-preserved coastal dunes during the nesting season. (I hope they have room for extra hands when summer rolls around!)

Where’s Freckles?

Meanwhile, as these rugged flippered beauties make their seasonal round-tours of the deep ocean, I watch my adoptee “Freckles” (a female leatherback first tagged right here in Florida) thanks to a GPS app from the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

You can follow along as I post status updates on the Instagram tag #wheresfreckles on @archelonstudios!

The Archelon Story

Sea turtles are a pretty epic mascot for an artist; they’re patient, resilient, self-sufficient, colorful world travelers, with a magically rich tapestry of ancient lore woven from the close observation of many different peoples.

And of course, there’s one other thing about the sea turtle...it carries around its own little home wherever it goes...🚎

And spends lots of time at the beach.

“Perhaps I am the turtle, able to live simply anywhere, even underwater for short periods, with my home on my back.” Kurt Vonnegut

Peace, Love, and Travel ✌️ 🌅