Sep 29, 2022

Garden Children Launch

I used kickstarter to launch book 2 of the Garden Children. Since its my first time doing a project on kickstarter, I have struggled to get any traction.Check out the Kickstarter and see which reward tier you'd like to get by backing my project.There's several options. Though the only thing is that my project main ships in Australia (each project is different) and you have to create a kickstarter account to back projects or create your own. ... more

Sep 18, 2022

Update for The Garden Children

Book 2 has also been given a cover! So that is another tick on my list. I have now uploaded the book to both Ingram Spark and Lulu for the set-up of the book. Distribution will be disabled until after the fulfilment of the Kickstarter. I'm just thinking ahead. I have used both before but not for a Kickstarter. Both were listed as options on the Kickstarter website. There were a few other options such as bookbaby but I didn't like the pricing or service that much.Check out the link... more

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Sep 02, 2022

Book 2 Launch

Aug 15, 2022

Moments of Inspiration

What inspires you? How do you get inspiration?I reckon inspiration is as important as having motivation. You need to have an idea in order to write or draw it. Getting the idea though Is a bit harder than staying motivated. You never know when you'll get a new idea. Its good to brainstorm once in awhile but when it occurs spontaneously, there's something worth developing further. Motivation is also important. You need to energy to work on an idea as well. Motivation is needed for long... more

Aug 08, 2022

Wind Wings

I thought I'd write about the weather and a book idea I have. It really rainy and cold today. Plus Freo is so windy. So I walked into the office today wondering about wind and wind power. How it allows us to fly in airplanes, harness wind for renewable energy as well as fly kites. The weather is probably my favorite news topic. Unfortunately for me, it tends to be at the end of the News updates. So I have to listen to what horrible things have happened today. I could always mute this but... more

Aug 06, 2022

Reading Goals

Reading can be fun. But how do you make reading goals?Reading can be for school, work, learning or leisure.Besides required reading, do you set an amount of books to read during the year?I like to read at least 20-24 books. So about 2 a month is good bench mark. If I read more one month than I increase the goal a bit more. A great way to create reading goals is through the goodreads app. You set reading goals, find books, recommend/review books and add them to your to read/have read... more

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