I thought I'd write about the weather and a book idea I have.

It really rainy and cold today. Plus Freo is so windy. So I walked into the office today wondering about wind and wind power. How it allows us to fly in airplanes, harness wind for renewable energy as well as fly kites.

The weather is probably my favorite news topic. Unfortunately for me, it tends to be at the end of the News updates. So I have to listen to what horrible things have happened today. I could always mute this but that feels slightly wrong.

I've read a book with wind in the title, very fantasy though. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I highly recommend this book btw.

I'm also thinking about writing about a bird, birds fly in air and I wondered what would happen for a bird on a windy day like today.

Anyways I thought I'd update supporters soon about how I'm going with my books and illustrations.