It's always wonderful to receive some coffee. Especially on this special day. And because Maarten bought me coffee, I am sharing another Earth Day poem here as well. You can listen to it here:

A little plastic wrapper
dropped from tiny hand to ground,
'till then it had quite dapper
dressed a candy sweet and round.

The wind blew it to the river
then it floated out to sea
that tiny plastic sliver
swimming there completely free.

It stayed there for a thousand years
and then a thousand more,
then, just as this poet fears
it washed back on to shore.

By now that little wrapper had
become part of a pack
of a million wrappers, this is bad,
'cause they all came floating back.

They climbed the beach, and all the land
and covered all within.
If only once that tiny hand
had put it in the bin!