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8x10 Cannabis Macro Print


Hi! - Firstly, thanks so much for checking out my BMC page

You can find my full Cannabis Reviews / Photos @

I've made a goal to make this part of my online presence a little more active and keep my photography posted as much as possible.

I've been getting back into photography and writing over the pandemic and after purchasing a new Camera I was stuck at home wondering what to take pictures of. Fast forward a few months and I'm combining my love for photography with other creative endeavors.

I never expect to make a dime doing this, but any support is greatly appreciated - I don't make a lot of money, so anything I review is out of pocket. Any funds I get here will go back into the site / creative endeavors which in turn allows me to free up some of my main gig income for living expenses.

If you can't support financially, share the content, retweet it or just like it and interact so it gets out there more and to my supporters to date, you have honestly brought me to tears with your support.