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I am Arpit Bhayani, a Computer Science Engineer, and a research enthusiast, and I write weekly essays about programming languages internals, a deep dive on some super-clever algorithm, or just a few tips on building highly scalable distributed systems.

Some of my top essays, loved by thousands are

1D Procedural Terrain GenerationMorris's Algorithm for Approximate CountingSlowsort - a pessimal sorting algorithmPhi φ Accrual Failure DetectionDesigning a sliding window based rate limiterPseudorandom numbers using Cellular Automata - Rule 30Function overloading in Python

The essays are published publicly through my website and through my Substack newsletter.

What people say about my essays

"Subscribing to Arpit’s newsletter has been the most productive thing I have done in this quarantine" - Ashwani

"Your blog is awesome. I have read about some topics like Consistent Hashing and TF-IDF so many times but never really enjoyed reading them until I read the in your blog. They are so lucid and the code snippets are the unique things that stand out in your blog." - Satrap

Recently I started building Obsidian plugins and last one I built is which  Periodically fetches and displays top HackerNews items.

Why should I support you?

The topics I write about are super-interesting but relatively unheard of while ensuring that it adds value to every single engineering reading it. I do not intend to add a subscription to my newsletter because I believe it is our duty to contribute back to the community from which we have learned so much.

I seek your support because who doesn't like money in return of efforts.

Can I help without involving money?

Sure. Spreading a word about my work will also be a great help. If you find my essays interesting just share it on any of your favourite social media and tag me along. Also, spread a word about it among your peers and colleagues.

Thank you so much for reading my essays, and as always, stay curious and keep learning.

Thanks in advance to all of you!