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ARRM is available.

Feb 12, 2022

Hi Everyone,

ARRM is available

Changelog :

- Memory optimization on Launchbox to avoid crashes due to lack of memory.

- Addition of IGDB.com scrape engine. See wiki: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=scraper-igdb-en

- Addition: it is now possible to delete artwork/media tags in the replacement module

- Addition of an 'Update' tab, allowing to update the LaunchBox database, SteamDB as well as the configuration files. See wiki : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=settings-en#update

- Addition of a 'Provider Custom' checkbox in the 'Gamelist TAGs' tab which allows via a file %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\Database\providercustom.txt to add tags/information automatically in the provider section of gamelist.xml . See wiki : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=customize_provider_gamelist_en

- Addition of help links (?) leading to dedicated sections of the Wiki

- Moved the 'Delete unused images and videos' button to the 'Tools' tab

- Moved 'Unused Overlays' button to 'Tools' tab

- Fixed a bug that copied '-extra1' images in the 'wheels' directory instead of 'extra1' when 4 images mode was not activated.

- Fixed a bug that sometimes scraping on HFSDB would cause ARRM to freeze.

- Fixed a bug that prevented scrapers other than Screenscraper from downloading the video if fanart was not checked

- Correction: Addition of an LF, if not present, when adding Roms in collections files (detected by Soaresden)

- Fixed: Export to Attract Mode now takes the name of the Attractmode system as Emulator and no longer the name of the ARRM system folder (Bug detected by BadFurDay on Retropie Forum)

- Fixed: Export to Attract Mode no longer takes into account hidden Roms (not managed by AttractMode)

Donwload links:

Full version via arrm_setup.exe (remember to uninstall the previous version): http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/file/10-arrm-another-recalbox-roms-manager

Full version without using arrm_setup.exe. (Allows you to install or update the application by copying files): http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/12-arrm-executable-only

Changelog : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=changelog-en

Beta versions page: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/11-arrm-update-correctif

ARRM WIKI : http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=Start-en

Videos tutorial playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwA4JmSgv-PtLlzwPMOad5Ti96UfsbSzK

Keep in touch : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=contact-en

Discord ARRM : https://discord.gg/p7QsBTS

Donations : http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=donations-en

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