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ARRM Final is available

Jun 09, 2022

Hello Everyone,

ARRM Final is available

Note Important:

Since 1915 Beta versions, ARRM can run in 64-bits mode.

It is necessary to change the database engine by installing the file accessdatabaseengine2016x64.exe (or its 32-bit equivalent: accessdatabaseengine2016x86.exe ) which you will find here: See wiki :


  • Added: Template download module accessible via the 'Show Mix Model' button. (In order to lighten the installation files) Wiki :

  • Added: Execution of ARRM in 64 Bits on a compatible system otherwise in 32 Bits (update the database engine. read above) See wiki: php?id=download-fr#installation

  • Added: 'Custom Marquee' checkbox in the 'Images Options' panel, allows you to create custom marquee via the 'marqueefanart 1280v2(Marquee)' template This marquee is made up of the upper portion of the game's fanart on which the Wheel/ logo. Masks can be used. (request by Bob Morane) See Wiki:

  • Added: 'Artworks' checkbox in the 'Rom informations' panel which allows, if checked, to delete the links to the artworks/images during the execution of the procedure 'Delete Metadata' Wiki: /wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=deletemetadataen

  • Added: keyboard shortcuts to navigate in the datagridview (database). Click on the "Shortcut" link for a list of shortcuts. (request by Unktehila) See wiki:

  • Added: The Delete key allows you to delete the selected elements in the database (request by Unktehila)

  • Added: It is possible to dock the database via the closing X (request by Unktehila)

  • Added: Multipart.txt file used in the duplicate detection procedure and when creating M3Us in mass (this file is located in %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\database\multipart.txt) Wiki :

  • Added: Templates and Templates videos offered by TVsIan (Ian Murray) compatible from version available here:

  • Modification: Redesign of the 'Add to Collection' module

  • Modification: The listview of available updated files (via the 'Update' tab) are sortable by date by clicking on the date column

  • Modification: Update of the core/emulator files for Batocera and Recalbox used in the 'Set Core/Emu' procedure:

  • Modification: 'Add Disk', 'Add Country', 'Add Language' tries to conform to Tosec Naming Convention

  • Modification: The 'add disk' checkbox now relies on the multipartadddisk.txt file (located in %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\database\multipartadddisk.txt) to find and retrieve multi-disk information in the names of files .

  • Modification: The duplicate search no longer considers game files with disk 1/disk 2.../tape 1/tape 2... as duplicates. (uses the multipart.txt file located in %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\database\multipart.txt). Wiki :

  • Fixed: ARRM app was not launching for new ARRM users.

  • Fixed: Depending on the templates, some screenshots were saved with black borders

  • Fixed: 'Add to collection' was not working correctly. (bug report by ZzackK)

  • Fixed: A crash occurred during a scrape, when box, marquee, cartridge were selected as default image.

  • Fixed: Duplicate search on CRC32 and MD5 did not work properly.

The superb TVsIan templates (Bezel art by Duimon) are available here (for a matter of size they are not offered in ARRM distributions) :


Video templates:

Since version 1915, they can also be downloaded and installed from the Template Choice module


Download link:

Donwload link for ARRM without installer :

Download link for Beta:


Videos tutorial playlist:





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Utip :

Buymeacoffee :

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