My modest entry to the first prompt of the #ourplanetweek2021 challenge!

This challenge is just nuts! There is absolutely mouth watering art work by some of the best artists ! I’ve spent hours scrolling and reading and it’s so comforting to see how far we have come.

This is my little human, depicting love, comfort and protection for trees, bushes and all things green ! The little blobby butterflies represent the fauna that is such an integral part of the ecosystem.

This one is done complete in a heavy oil paint style!

My only message is “it starts with an intention.”

There is so much power in voice and action but like a million wise ones have said .. it starts with a thought.

I have a plant on my balcony that is proof that loving words makea difference! It has survived a cold front and snow! Yes it’s damaged but it has a flower coming up! And for all you skeptics - “it’s just spring”..

yes it is and but for all practical purposes the trees on earth will live and die with seasons cometh and gone by.. but the only person who has smiled and become happier is ME!

Plant, water, love and Protect. It’s simpler than you think.

Check out the #onetreeplantedchallenge on Instagram for more than 5000 designs and yes one tree will get planted for every piece of art submitted.

All my artwork from this challenge is free to download ,use and share for personal purposes with friends and families. No commercial sale or reproduction is allowed without written permission and licenses.