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We at Artgare provide 3D models to everyone absolutely free that are worth someone's lifetime of hard work. Think we are crazy? Maybe! But we are Artgarians, a group of talented and aspiring artists, designers, students and volunteers who are committed to providing something valuable to the industry, especially indie-developers and small studios that can not afford paid 3D models. We at ArtGare ensure that all our users have access to high quality 3D models that are not easily accessible on other marketplaces for free.

From January 2021 until now, from website development, team building to asset acquisition, the ArtGare team has spent months perfecting the website, and we have a lot more to do. On this online platform, our mission is to provide free 3D models to everyone, which will not require any royalty shares or credits. Also, creating more job opportunities for our fellow artists and increasing the overall value of the creative world.

What are we producing?

Free 3D Models
We are producing highly detailed 3D models that you can use in your personal and commercial projects without any limits. All models follow the industry standard and are available in .fbx format which is widely accepted in most 3D modeling software and game engines. You can also request custom file format conversation without paying anything. No catch.

PBR Texture Maps
With finest quality 3D models, you will also get high resolution 2K and 4K PBR texture maps which will help you to capture realistic shading/lighting of the environment scene along with measured surface values to accurately represent real-world materials. It's a workflow that is being widely accepted in the Gaming and CG industry.

Our Future Plans: 

i. Create a job board to help artists find work.
ii. Add promotional opportunities to help individual artists.
iii. Create educational courses and tutorials.
iv. Host online/offline events

Supporting us financially will help us create more content and finest 3D models, including PBR textures. For any further query, mail us at [email protected] and to connect with us, you can join our Discord community server.