House painting, mostly when you are selling it, is one of the best ways to uplift your home's value. Besides adding value, painting your home refreshes the inside and outside of the house and makes it cleaner and inviting. Fresh paint also fares better in the listing photos and will also hide the old imperfections.

People usually try DIY painting or settle for a non-legitimate painting company to save some money but end up either spending more money or messing everything up. Besides, they risk ruining their home, endless frustration, lost investment, and more. All you need to do is find local house painting contractors who can provide you with legitimate painting services. They will provide you with top-quality customer services, and the results will be exceptional. 

You need to be very careful while looking for local painting contractors. Here is how you can find local painting contractors without any hurdles. Please continue reading to make the most of it. 

I Need Amazing House Painters. Where Do I Start?

If you are looking for a professional house painter, you must wonder where you need to start. The amateur and unprofessional painters cannot provide you with what you are looking for. A bad painter can leave old, poisonous paint everywhere for your children or your pets to come across. Anything wrong can happen with an unprofessional painter. They could get the paint on your personal belongings, do a sloppy job, show up late, or ghost the paint job altogether. 

The best way to find local house painting contracts is to get referrals from a trusted real estate agent. You need to hire a vetted house painting contractor who can guarantee you professionalism. Your real estate agent will have the vetted painters who will ensure to provide top-quality painting services. 

Your first step to find a reliable painter is to ask your real estate agent, especially if you have just bought the house. He/she will be able to provide you with reliable painters in your area. If you purchased the home a while ago, here are some more ways to help you find the best house painting contractor in your area. 

Hunt Down A Good House Painter Referral

One of the best ways to find a reliable and professional house painting contractor is by getting referrals from your friends and family. You can ask around your neighbors and coworkers if they have experienced a local painting contractor's services. 

It is your best bet to get the best local painting contractors. It is because you can go and inspect the contractor in person. You can ask your friends and family about the services provided by the painting contractor. Your closed one will never point you in the wrong direction. You should ask them about the level of the service and the quality of the job. 

Harness the Power of The Internet

The Internet is the best place to find the best local painting contractor in your area. If you cannot find a good recommendation from the people you know, the following are the best resources to find reliable and professional painting contractors. 

  • Houzz:

    Houzz is one of the best directories of home improvement professionals to connect with the homeowners. You can easily find local house painting contractors there. It has over 1.5 million qualified professionals and customizes your search for local painting contractors. 

  • Angie’s List:

    It is the online business directory and review portal. You can search for the various painting contractors in your area without any hassle. It has listed the top trusted contractors. 

  • Yelp:

    You can find the reviews and ratings for the top local painting contractors here. In this way, you will be able to hire the right contractor with positive reviews and five-star ratings. 

  • Nextdoor:

    It is a social network where you can find reviews from your neighbors. You can foster relations with your neighbors without knocking on their doors. 

  • HighFive Listings:

    It is one of the best online business directories where you can find the best local painting contractors. You can easily find, review, or rate any company you find. With this business directory, you can easily find a painting contractor in your area.

Visit A Paint Store

Visiting a paint store is the best way to find a reliable local painting contractor. You can check with your local painting store. Many professional painting contractors prefer to work with local suppliers to find more leads at a local paint store. Describe your project to the person behind the counter and get recommendations. They will have valuable insight that can prove to be helpful for you. You can visit the recommended painter in person, or you can conduct telephonic interviews with them. In this way, you will know better about the painter and his/her services. 

Search Online

The Internet is one of the excellent resources to track down a trusted local house painting contractor. It has become an essential part of our daily life. To find a local contractor, you can use a search engine like Google and search for a painting contractor in your area by typing "painting contractors near me," or mentioning your location with "painting contractors." In this way, you will get a number of results, including countless contractor's websites, review sites, and free and paid listing sites. You can choose the most suitable for your home painting job. 

Other Resources

There are many other resources through which you can find a reliable house painting contractor. You can listen to the radio or note down the names you hear or see on TV. Moreover, you can browse through yellow pages for listings. 

A newspaper is also an excellent source to find out a trusted painting contractor. There is a section as "skills and services" to find the painting contractors who can ensure top-quality painting services. Make sure to visit the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The top-notch painting contractors also advertise on these platforms.