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👋Hey there, beautiful people! My name is Alissa Harris and I’m a 26 something year young earthling existing on this planet by being a positive source of motivation for others. My primary purpose in life is to create art, so here I make that happen.

I consider living an art so naturally I want to share EVERYTHING I do, create, and experience (via photo and video). Not to mention share special moments of my squawk machine called Kiki (she is the beauty in the photo with me), and my chill noodle named Voodoo.

My major goal with this page (and other social media platforms) is to provide a relaxed and inviting virtual space anyone can escape to. I crave to create all sorts of content and I invite you to be a part of the journey.

Thanks so much for your support and even if you can’t support me financially but you want to help me as an artist check out my Instagram or Vocal profile (YouTube channel coming soon). Give me a follow, like, comment or even share your favorite creation with a friend! Everything helps. So no matter what you choose to do, I appreciate you. Cheers!

I just created a page so you can now buy me a coffee to help keep me awake along my journey! Thanks for all the support!