first, thank you to everybody who has seen and contributed supported become a member of this page. it means a lot even to witness the virtual foods that i have gotten, or even to know that people have spent time engaging with whatever i have sent their way. :-)

turns out its taking longer than expected, the taiwan part of my life to come. the taiwan embassies currently are not giving out visas to foreigners at this moment so... im not exactly sure yet when im going to fly but hopefully it will be within these few days/weeks. my friend has kindly let me crash and stay with them for the time being (lease is up, time to MOVE!) for which i am always thankful for, this hospitality, unconditional. it has made this frustrating time a little smoother. so, welcome now to august then (more than half a year is past...!)

last week was spent busy moving and over the weekend jon and i packed everything up and are now officially moved out of the studio that we spent the past 9 months in. it was my first time paying for my own studio and also sharing it with someone. all i can say about it is it was a needful restful time. here is the last video in my series i might as well be moving into un/moving (singapore) that i made to close this chapter. titled in the mi(d)st of (y)our comingoing:

the other thing that i have been working on is setting up a discord channel called #whatsart?

i wanted to create a place to communicate more casually with people who care to and also to extend my own practice virtually. i think of it as also a place to document my relationship/interactions with you. i have many exciting ideas to experiment with on this new platform that will be revealed in the days and weeks to come, the first of which will be a live hangout event thing with me on this coming sunday, 8 aug 2021, 8pm! i will be online at the time to discuss some of your experiences with art and to introduce proper this discord channel community thing. see you there!!! but if you're also quite excited about it like me, feel free to join the channel first and lets get the Chats going! if you have any ideas (& expertise) about this platform please also send them my way! :-)

thats all for now! hopefully the next update will be from when im in taiwan

首先, 謝謝大家在這平台花時間閱讀內容,支持我。這讓我感到滿欣慰的 :)


上週忙著搬東西。週末和好友 jon 收拾空間,我們使用了9個月(我住的)的空間。是我首次付自己的空間,也是第一次這樣跟別人分享空間。這是一段很需要,能休息的時間。昨天拍了最後一個在這的影片:

另外我正在忙的是設立一個 discord 叫 #whatsart?

我是想創造一個能簡單和有興趣的人互動,也想延伸我自己在網上的現象。我也想用這個平台紀錄我們的互動。這幾周內會分享還有其他想實驗的idea, 但第一個活動會是在下週末星期天,8月8日,8點!那時我會在線上和您討論有關藝術的相關體驗,和正式介紹這個discord 拼台。在那見啦!!如果您也和我一樣興奮,您可以先加入開始聊!還有,如果有什麼好玩的想法和專業知識請和我分享!:)

就這樣啦! 希望下個新聞會是在台灣發!