Game of Shrooms Photo Hints!

Game of Shrooms Photo Hints!

Jun 12, 2021

Game of Shrooms 2021 is currently taking place, and I have at least a few people scrambling around Mid Michigan looking for some mushroom art! Find a shroom, keep a shroom--today only June 12th 2021! Here are your hints:

Name: We Are Fun Guys
(a collab between Tod Parkhill and I)
Hometown: Lansing
Favorite hang out spot: any old part of town
Likes: Doing the fish flop
Dislikes: Cursing, dam-it!
Shroom super power: climbing ladders without feet


Name: Psychedelic Eyeshroom
Hometown: Holt
Favorite hang out spot: Anywhere EYE can put on a show!
Likes: Paying respect to war vets
Dislikes: Swimming & the beach
Shroom super power: Beautiful voice that could make a sailor openly weep


Name: Sherbet Meowshroom
Hometown: Grand Ledge
Favorite hang out spot: the Grand River
Likes: Long walks along the river
Dislikes: Trolls
Shroom super power: Looking fabulous, obv.


ALSO! If you are near Ann Arbor/Ypsi area, Wiard's Orchard has hidden one for me! They hid this Poisoned Candy Apple Shroom!!



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