Buy Esther Hoffmann a coffee


Hello, I'm Esther Hoffmann, 20, and brazillian! :)

Currently I am studying Computer Science at University of São Carlos in Brazil, but I always had this love for drawing and paiting, but never thought that I could make a living out of it.

Recently I've been liking my field of study a bit less everyday, and trying to accept that I don't want work with it. Then, I took courage to start an IG to post my art, and to start focusing on it as a possible carrer.

I'm on my last year of my undergraduation course, and because I have class all day, I still don't have the time to focus on living from my art.
But I am so excited on improving and making this work! I want to make beautiful paintings that brings joy to people, and I've never been more excited, passionate and sure about something <3>

So, if you would like to support my dream, or simply enjoyed my art, consider buying me a coffee!

Thank you! :D