Jul 05, 2021


People are like snowflakesQuiet and unsuspectingA gentle flurry ruins nothingA gentle person goes nowhereOne person on the streetCan easily be ignoredEven if their cause is justEven if they’re ten feet tallBut a storm causes mayhemShuts down schools and closes roadsSnow will pile and pileUntil everyone is stuck at homeA group of people can move mountainsNo matter their size or ageJust like a stormThe world becomes their... more

May 31, 2021

The Pond

A balanced stone sits still amongstA stream of animosity, arousing Active hostility within the water.The fish greet it warmly, with bigBowl-shaped lips that whisperRumors, unkind and scarcely told,Of the catfish in the overgrown reedsA surprise attack that sends wave-likeRipples crashing through the plane,Skimming the water’s silver skinSubtly, perhaps even shyly, as thePlump, flat calm shrivels awayReplaced by drumming heartsAnd small shivering... more

May 04, 2021


Spit whispers from clashing teethLike a small notion of rain, as ifMy bad knee would start throbbingIf you spoke too close to me, allowingBristling specks of personal flavor toBaptize our conversation, I am too closeTo the god in front of me, and yet I convulse at the thought and shrinkRapidly away from your liquid speech.A feeling of freedom as I turn my backTo the sprinklers watering my willTo stand here and... more

May 02, 2021


It was open a crack, so the cat ran outof the door, down the road, way outof its comfort zone, perhaps even outof this universe, until the time ran out,and the aging cat began to slowly outgrow all the different ways to get outof town. Turn around, he said, get outof here, as if I’d give you a single outfor all the things of mine you threw outonto the main road, junk spilling outinto the street, and then you walk outon me, leaving my shirt torn, heart out,exposed, as if ready to be... more

Apr 25, 2021


What an odd and unusual place to which I find myself repeatedlyreturning, as if by pure mistake.A place of plenty, quickly moving,scanning and reloading, retrieving,deleting. Opinion, thought, spills andflows, a nod, a quarrel, a commentthat spurs actual laughter out loud incommon spaces for the typicaltyping in minimal characters,cramped and nailed upon a postto share and partake in. A placeto be social in your underwearwith no one being the wiser, and forthose who are similar to... more

Apr 25, 2021

First Book

A baby is bornIf not a few days beforeA test thrown into the worldTo see if it sinks into deep waters,Dark and treacherous like sin,Or if it floats downriver intoSomething much more,Something notUnlike a net of goldenPossibilities skimming silverBacked fish as it guides itself intoRolling waves and gentle ebbsNot unlike a captain at seaComfortable and sereneSteering precious cargoInto a crowded harbor.We all wait and... more

Tick Season
Jenness Beach
Spring Fever