Hey YAWL 🙃 So, i’m going to start doing more daily readings & messages on this site for my supporters/members 💜.

Sooo , TODAY we havee, 9 of coins reversed & 10 of wands reversed lol . These cards fell out right in front of me as soon as I began to shuffle, With the SUN at the bottom of the deck ..

So we see Upright 9 of coins is about someone getting pampered as a form of self care .. But reversed, the BLUE hand painting the nails is now OURS, so it’s giving this energy of “ Im not finna wait around for anyone to take care of me, ima take care of myself 😜” Which is why we got the 10 of swords reversed..

There’s been an epiphany of some sorts or you’re about to have one soon .

10 of swords shows us hella swords blocking our path forward, so with it being reversed… you guessed it, that block is finally being removed. And i bet its all thanks to this new found self love & confidence 💕🌸 & with the Sun as the bottom deck energy (represents positivity & enlightenment) it’s definitely giving MOVING FORWARD 🌱 . I see so much growth and im so prouddd rir .

Also feel like for someone this reading is also reminding us the important role we play in others lives . And to remind us to give love and care to others the best we can, (especially if you’re a mommy) even though we may have been deprived of it ourselves.. 💜

Which i know is easier said than done .

Be gentle with yourself and others

Your best will look different everyday

You Got this !!


I see some HAPPY ENDINGS after so many losses .