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Here to help you save time and discover inspiring content online.

Why hello! 

Your first question probably is - "What on earth does 'afflatus' mean?" and that's good! Questions are embraced and welcomed! 

Afflatus basically means divine inspiration - the inspiration to do what matters to you, right down to your core. 

When I was in university I struggled sometimes, but it was the inspiring stories, life lessons and music I found that got me through. 

Now I curate those same inspiring treasures on the internet - from TED Talks, groovy tunes, and tools for creators to keep creating what matters to them. 

To do this I need a lot of caffeine to filter through and find the most meaningful content. So if you want to support the mission to empower creators to live the life that matters to them, you can help out one coffee at a time! Thank you!
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Saro Tribastone bought Ash 5 coffees.

I would like to thank you again for having inserted my songs into your Spotify playlist! I am very grateful! All the best!

Asad bought Ash a coffee.

THANK YOU for supporting Modern Afflatus to the THREE YEAR MARK!!  New look and layout on modernafflatus.com with more surprises to come! #fuelledByYourCoffeesAndKindness
KKW bought Ash 3 coffees.

Happy 3 years Modern Afflatus!! . 

Wooooooo THANK YOU KKW for celebrating this milestone with me!!! ❤️ Your coffees have got me sooo excited I'll be announcing this year's contest to newsletter subscribers in advance!! 

Adam B bought Ash a coffee.

Here's one on me

Thanks so much Adam! That coffee fuelled new additions to the Modern Afflatus travel tips collection! . wke.lt/w/s/ashWL

Mandi bought Ash a coffee.

This is your 12 days (counting from when you get to Calgary) of coffee because we all know you need a little extra caffeine (and $$) this holiday! "On the first day of coffee Mandi gave to me a cup of 49th Parallel Holiday Espressoooooo" :) 

Thanks Mandi! This coffee fuelled a new Wakelet collection on TEDxManchester 2019! Check it out here: wke.lt/w/s/jTMU3

Just in time for Halloween - another guide to what they didn't teach you in school. How to overcome your fears: wke.lt/w/s/rlY1K

Even more content added to the Life Advice collection on the Modern Afflatus Wakelet page. Easily one of the best time investments you'll find on the web - all fueled by your generous donations (and a relentless passion for others to thrive) .  wke.lt/w/s/Cp7Om
Matty bought Ash 3 coffees.

Happy Birthday from Canada! 

Matty you're a gem! . Thank you!