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Hey, thanks for stopping by! 👋

I'm Ash, a maker who loves to help you save time discovering inspiring content online.

Your first question probably is - "What on earth does 'afflatus' mean?" and that's good! I love questions. 

Afflatus translates to divine inspiration - the inspiration to do what matters to you, right down to your core. 

During university my friends and I found that school left out a lot of life skills. Skills like public speaking, cooking, starting a business, finding financial advice or planning an epic backpacking trip on the other side of the world.  

In order to see my friends get more out of life I was inspired to start curating the resources I came across online and share stories of other people doing what matters to them. 

Since 2016 I've been writing a regular newsletter featuring five little treasures from the internet - from notable TED Talks, groovy tunes, online courses, and tools for creators to keep creating what matters to them. 

Along the way I discovered no-code and became a maker to teach others how to create on the internet with tools such as My No-Code Journal. My latest project is Bad Unicorn which people call 'SNL for startups'. 

Appreciate all the support to keep curating, creating and sharing with others on the internet! 

Stay inspired and learn lots!

Ash 🙌
Pierre Tillement
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Owed you some pizza slices, so here are a few teas 🍵You can't imagine what it meant to receive your support! You've been an inspiration and it does not look like it is going to stop 

Share a Coffee by Curtis
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Thanks Curtis! Really appreciate this initiative and can't wait to discover new creators to support 😃 ☕

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For delivering an enormous amount of value on a regular basis — without expecting anything in return. Appreciate you and glad to have met you. Keep going! :)

Cheers Alex! The feeling is mutual! Your resourcefulness with Bubble is very impressive and feedback always appreciated! Happy to share any tools and tips anytime!

Edmund Amoye
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Tea for your next flow state. 

Hugely appreciated Edmund! Definitely helps along with working on some thought-provoking concepts and projects so thank you as well! 🙌

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So much love, thank you for yesterday!

Thank you for joining us! So many fantastic ideas were shared and the regular attendees appreciated having a new guest from across the pond! 😃