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🎙 NatGeo & Discovery Apprvd Voice Over Artist - Think of most well know brands and television channels and he’s probably worked with them. And if they trust his work, you most definitely can! Delivers world-class VOs in under 24 hours. VO Sample Download - 

📻 Interntnl Radio Presenter 

▫️RadioCity 91.1 (DTJock;VO; Delhi/Mumbai/Pune)

▫️92.7 Big FM (National Station Voice Over)

▫️94.3 Radio One (DTJock;Prod Mgr;Delhi)

▫️102.6FM Rainbow Delhi (Casual Presenter)

▫️TFM 95.4 (DTJock;MusicMgr/MuscatOman)

▫️Podcast Host ‘The Ashish Ddavidd Show’

🎤 Singer  

▫️Lead Vocalist Delhi Blues Band ‘English Feeling’

▫️Lead Vocalist & Studio Engineer ‘Jive Can’

▫️Founder Member / Lead Vocalist for ‘Them Clones’

▫️Back Up Vocalist for Dr. Palash Sen’s ‘Euphoria’

▫️2007 GIR Band ‘Out Of The Blue’ 

▫️Bass for ‘Artists Unlimited’ Acapella Choir

▫️Sung for Musical Theater Plays

▫️Sung jingles for countless brands & campaigns. 

🎛 Mix Engnr & Studio Owner at CBA’s Den - I record mix and master original music by independent musicians / bands in my music studio in South Delhi. Production Work Samples - 

▫️Woody Accouche - Jive Tribe (Spotify)

▫️Jive Can - 4 Track EP (SoundCloud)

 🎶 Audiophile & Music Lover - Follow these weekly curated & updated playlists by me on Spotify - My Spotify Curation Work - Sptfy.Com/68Os 🎧

▫️This Week In Rock 

▫️This Week In Blues 

▫️This Week In Dance