I just happen to be in full of enjoyment watching Go Go Squid c-drama. Amazing to discover too that the director, Xiang Xu Jing, is the same director of an equally great ensemble of casts and story-- Love 020. I now know her forte and will start to watch out for her incoming projects. Well, for now I wanna savour first with Go Go Squid.

I'm a romcom sucker to the maxxx! I'm happy that the trending nowadays are romcoms with themes. Be it games, IT, business and even politics! I must say that this dram nailed it superbly. Not only that, the castings are amazing especially the lead actors. Li Xian ( Han Shangyan) and Yang Zi (Tong Nian) are one of the better breeds of actors today. I'm glad they did not do so much effort to make Han Shangyan an idol in this drama. Yet, however grumpy, old-fashioned and snobbish his character here, it still turned out to be a idol one, hehe. Simply because of his naturally beautiful face. Yang Zi is obviously a good actor. Her age is not that far from Li Xian in reality, but oh boy, how did she do it? Although all throughout, I was wondering what is her real age and if there is anything wrong with her acting. Eon years later, I discovered: 1. Her clothes!!! If there is one thing I'm so not comfortable in this drama are her clothes. Overly done! 2. Being considered veteran (soo many projects done), she exudes maturity... I had been contemplating on those things because of her flawless baby skin. No one in her age has that 5-year old skin. Only her, haha!

Youth nowadays, I must say are more ambitious, and it resonates to this drama the whole time. Go Go Squid has depicted the essence Reaching the Dream. This is highly recommended to all people in all walks of life, especially the youth. Talking about its message is oozing with so much grit. With flavor of love, friendship and restarting over again, this totally nailed it in inspiring the youth today. Highly recommended to parents too. To let them see how kids are serious to now known as internet world. People now starting to realize that online is the in-game and beginning to be the all-game.

If anyone expecting this to being more of just a romcom, naaah! This is not so that, and that makes this drama so special. In fact, I do not classify this to regular sugary cdrama I have seen so far. Far more than that. This maybe a light approach, yeah give it to that but a serious one. The songs, especially Milk Bread (sang by Yang Zi) and the contrast, A Nameless Person (sang by Chen Xueran), both still lingers in my head. I am not so sure why. Haha!

The drama made it in introducing the two different characters (Han Shangyan & Tong Nian) successfully, then later on turned to complimenting each other. Even their clothes speaks of the character, although I don't vote for Tong Nian's tussled long sleeves in pastel colors all the way! On the other side, Han Shangyan and his KK team's uniforms are cool. Even SP team's (formerly team Solo except Hang Shangyan who's in KK) character presentations are so good. Appledog here is my kind of girl. Not feeling cool, but she is. Her choice of clothes here says authority in their gaming industry and maturity in character. If only Tong Nian's...

Han Shangyan's industry was well depicted. I now understand what CTF (Capture The Flag) is, haha! It's good thing too that they made Tong Nian's character an innocent and a genius one-- 140 IQ. That made, with all the chasing she did to Han Shangyan, tho sometimes irritating, has become reasonable.

I appreciate that they showcased Han Shangyan's character well. The flashbacks made the difference. But, they could have changed some of the repetitive flashbacks to showcase other Team Solo member's current status. Like Solo and Appledog's. I also wish I saw some character development in Tong Nian's. Like, she could have started to shape her career, since she's into masteral already. I prefer to see Tong Nian being supportive at the same time shaping her own path too. Rather, they focused too much on Hang Shangyan's. Well, for me seeing Li Xian (Han Shangyan) is a feast. That's why, no regrets!

I give this drama a 9. Happy watching!