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In my works, I often use the element of movement, it can be called a dance, but it is about internal movement, the drift of life, the accumulation of energy inside a person. By using the element of movement, I refer to the original sense of rhythm, ritual. It seems to me that it is important that a person invent and go through the rituals. My ritual is music, I experience the world through abstract non-material symbols - sounds and I want the inner music to sound in the form of my paintings. I also deal with the topic of duality, trying to think about how creepy and beautiful connect with each other, wondering if a person lives in their own imaginary world and this affects the outside world or vice versa. I want to show that man is in the world of his ideas and sensations, and that it is something that is born to be described in words. And that this is a kind of human habitat. And how important it is to constantly move and develop in this inner world.