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What is WIRE

Jul 23, 2021

Hello everyone!

I want to introduce you to WIRE, a flexible, point-buy based d20 system. Since this is the base of my work, I want to explain some basics to you.

Where it all started

Since I started world building, I had several settings. I created settings for Pathfinder and D&D, for Shadowrun and Vampire. Then we came to where we needed the characters to be comparable. The systems we created them in were different, and there was no way to compare them. That day, I started thinking about a method to make that possible.

How it works

WIRE is a point-buy system. That means you'll have a certain amount of Character Points to create exactly the character you want. There are no fixed classes or levels. Instead, you'll buy exactly the things and powers you want to have.

While you are adventuring, you'll earn additional Character Points, which you will use to improve your character.

Point-Buy-Systems are usually very complex. Therefore WIRE has templates. You can buy each part of your character individually, or you can create her, using templates for each part of the character. Improvement works the same way in both creation methods.

The conflict resolution method is the same, that many d20-based systems use. You roll 1d20, add certain modifiers and compare the result to a specific target number. In combat, that target number results from your opponents' roll.

What you'll need

You will need 1d20 per player, a set of rules, which you'll find on World Anvil, and a character sheet for each player. You can play WIRE with a minimum of 2 players. One of these needs to take the role of the Chronist.

Interested? Just follow me here to keep up with the development! If you want to support me, I will appreciate your investment in my work!

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