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I (John Wade - aka 'Ask The Dog Guy') have been training, writing, and creating seminars for companion puppy and dog owners, dog trainers, veterinarians, vet techs, and rescues for over 30 years - full time. The 'Ask The Dog Guy' website was originally a vehicle to feature the columns for my nationally syndicated newspaper column 'Ask The Dog Guy.' It served then as it does now as a free resource for companion dog owners to acquire scientifically valid, common-sense information about companion dog behavior. It serves to counter-balance what is almost exclusively otherwise available - pseudo-science.

As many of the Q&A articles and videos on indicate, companion dog training has been driven not by legitimate science or common sense.

Instead, companion puppy and dog training has been driven by an army of amateur dog trainers that seemingly watched the movie the Lady and The Tramp, mistook it for a dog behavior documentary, bought a bag of treats. Discovering they could get some dogs to work for a treat, in much the same way a heroin dealer can manipulate the behavior of a jonesing heroin addict, they decided that was dog training, and they were a dog trainer.

The reality is that companion dog owners don't need to learn to train to teach tricks; they need to learn how to train to teach life-skills for the real world. As educational article after educational article on Ask The Dog Guy shows, the approaches are very different.

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Can't thank you enough for your advice, and the content you provide with your website/youtube channel/books.

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Thanks for generously giving your time and sharing your extensive knowledge and experience with my human companions.🐶

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i hope to hear from you and get the help i need.

Hi Rohanica, I receive a ton of emails every day and I looked for something from you with that name and email address and don't see anything so I'm going to need some help connecting the dots. - John Wade 🐾 (

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Amazing tutorials John! the best is we just finished a big cross country move with our dog, Mila. a few minor adjustments allowed her to successfully crate train fir her flight (went off without a hitch) and impress our family over Christmas with her staying on her bed. Picking up the rest of the training now where we left off feels natural for me and our dog, Mila.