Why Should Parents Consider IB Curriculu ...

Why Should Parents Consider IB Curriculum for Their Kids?

Aug 30, 2022

Simply put, the schools that provide the International Baccalaureate program in their curriculum are known as IB schools. IB schools are becoming the new preference owing to the distinct teaching style. The teaching style and system are unique and modern. The curriculum is designed based on "attitude-to-learning", which happens by knowing the student's learning style. And there are enough valid reasons why you should consider the IB-based curriculum for proper and complete development as a parent of a growing-up kid. We shall try to understand the reasons in depth.

Why Is the IB Curriculum the Best?

  • Students Enjoy Freedom of Learning

It is the most significant advantage of enrolling your kids in an IB curriculum-based school. Students have the freedom to select their subjects along with the learning method. The teachers are supervisors under whose guidance students do research work on topics that they choose.

It will allow the students more room for exploring and learning new things that wouldn't have been possible had they not been given the freedom of learning. Students in IB Curriculum also have the freedom of choosing their subjects in high grade and low-grade levels. It allows them to identify and dedicate more time to the subject that they wish to continue with in the future.

  • Prepares Students for Future Studies

The IB curriculum carefully prepares students for their later education or college study. The teaching process that involves extensive research work and challenging projects automatically contributes to the overall development through participative learning.

Writing different assignments and reports and delivering them on time forms an integral part of the IB curriculum. It helps to prepare the kids to face challenges in the later educational system and also prepares them to cope with demanding situations in a better and controlled manner.

  • Global Exposure

The IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) is an internationally recognized program. With more than 5300 schools across 158 countries adopting the widely accepted IB system of study and more than 1.4 million students enrolling in these schools, IB schools are now the reality. Colleges and universities recognize IBDP in almost 90 countries, including names like Yale, Stanford, and Harvard.

So, it is evident that studying under the IB system will open up global opportunities for your kids to learn in the best institutions worldwide. So, suppose if you are looking for private schools in Singapore or elsewhere, please check whether they offer an IB curriculum or not.

  • Contribution to Critical Thinking and Research Skills

The methods of teaching adopted by the IB system of study are such that they encourage the students to think critically and develop evaluation skills and the art of analysis. Instead of following the traditional methods of preparing lengthy notes and memorizing them, the stress is on understanding the actual concepts involved.

This way, students are made to think and evaluate critically. It helps them sharpen their thought processes and skills and prepares them for more significant challenges.

In the IB curriculum, the aim is to ensure the overall development of your child. Thus, extracurricular activities form an essential part of the educational journey in IB schools. Three main components have been integrated into the IB curriculum which are CAS ( creativity, action, service), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE)

Final Words

The components, as mentioned earlier, help the students gather experience-based knowledge that, in the long run, helps develop their personal and interpersonal skills.

So, if you are looking for the ideal school to bring out the best in your child, check with One World International School in Singapore. OWIS offers the best interactive and engaging setting for students from different cultures, religions, and ethnicity to receive the most effective educational experience. 

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