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Seeing my gym close its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, was heart breaking to say the least. Seeing clients thrive and getting to make a positive impact on their lives, is what us PTs live for. To us it isn’t just a job, it's a passion (sorry for the cheese but it's the truth).

Face to face personal training might be drying up but there are other ways I can continue to support my clients and add value to their lives. And the best thing? Taking services online means I can help anyone from anywhere in the world.


'Get Sweaty, Stay Sane' is my new philosophy. It's important to keep moving and have a little routine in your day.

I hold group training sessions, online, throughout the week which are completely free to join. Click the link to sign up.


Enjoying them and want to say thanks? Just buy me a virtual coffee or two :)


This time is also an opportunity to learn. My aim is to educate you in 'fitness' by providing content on exercise execution, energy systems, nutrition, mobility... anything you want to know more about I will help you.

Interested in levelling up? Sign up for membership to gain access to content.


I have a few spots left for online coaching. You will get a tailored training programme based on your needs and goals, nutritional coaching, daily accountability and structure. Details can be found on the website. Simply message me if you are interested in using your time in isolation to finally hit some of your fitness goals.

Lost your job? Suffering financially due to the epidemic? Ping me a message and I'll do what I can for you. Everyone deserves access to tools to help them achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.