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Releasing "All Of Me" to support my band with raising the necessary funds to record and release our new album!

Having lost any gigs in 2020 and with an uncertain live music future, I am hoping to raise lost funds from lack of gigging so that my band SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD can release the new album once we are out of lockdown and can get into the studio.

Why am I doing this and how did I write and record this EP?

"Lockdown Blues" is the A-side to my upcoming mini EP "All Of Me" (think of an old 45 rpm vinyl single!). This EP releases on 25th March 2021 on all digital downloads & streaming services worldwide. It features three songs, on which I have played everything for the exception of live drums. B-sides are "Show Me The Way to Your Heart", a positive and uplifting little Americana song that has me playing everything from bongos to acoustic guitar, to bass, to electric guitar and to harmonies on my own lead vocals. A little fun song I wrote, recorded and mastered in 1 day. It just was meant to be. The EP ends on a high with the energetic "Southern Charm", which sees me playing everything, from percussions, to acoustic guitar, to ukelele, slide acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass and even a hint of keyboards in the mix, together with a vocal chant around a stunning moon rising encounter I had the night before I wrote this piece and recorded it.

"Lockdown Blues", used as the Single promo video, was initially written by me during April 2020, in the middle of the strictly imposed lockdown in the UK. It was put aside for a number of months and remained as another tune in my reserves pile for future use. I intended to include this song in our next Southern Brotherhood record, however, I felt that the time was now to release it during the second phase of this pandemic, whilst we as a live band cannot get together to rehearse or record, never mind gigging to promote the new record. So I decided to use this song to raise further funds towards future recording costs for Southern Brotherhood's new release. My co-writer and co-frontman, Jeff, agreed I had to get this song out when it feels real as we are all equally still affected around the world. By purchasing this release, you are supporting our next chapter in our song-writing partnership which now stretches to 9 years!

When I got stuck into recording the guitar parts, bass and guide vocals, I soon realised that it needed to be a full rocking song, with a live feel you simply cannot get from programming a drums machine. I couldn't even do it justice as a lighter acoustic version of a full blues band sound. I needed to get a solid drummer on it, someone immediately available and so I reached out to my good friend Joe Winters (drummer in The Steepwater Band, Chicago IL., check out: He was happy to lend a hand! Joe has recently been laying his drums art on several band's studio work, whilst enable to hit the road again with his band. I was incredibly honoured when he said "Let's do it!". I was stoked having Joe featured on drums as I have been a big fan of Steepwater for 12 years now, an avid connoisseur of their big musical catalogue! This track has been recorded on two continents, UK and USA in a few days. Supported by Tony Maietta who did the recording & engineering for the drums and the two provided a polished, great sounding drums mix that fits this heavy blues song like a glove. Eternally grateful to you both for your contributions!