Lusta strong desire for something or someone.

Lust is a powerful feeling. It can alter you, your mood, and your body language.

Lusting can land you in a world of trouble. There is a saying, “everything that looks good to you, isn’t good for you.”

Don’t lose yourself by lusting after physical or material things. 

Some are addicted to lust. They can’t fight it. They can’t help it. If you “have” to lust, lust for things that make you better.

Lust for success. If you have a strong desire for something, have a strong desire to better yourself. Achieve your dreams. Advance your career. Further your education. Become a role model.

Lust after the things that will bring motivation and self gratification.


The force that drives you to change your way of thinking

Forcing you to act out in abnormal ways, fighting against yourself to remain free.

Wishing there was something to put this urge to an end

Yet you’re still unable to break away from this drug

Start with your thinking and Revise your cravings.