In this episode the guest is Okuhle DVN AFRICN Dladla, we talk about life, knowledge and sharing it, adventures, skills, Music, Animation, Being an artist, Black consciousness, the past, present and future, concepts, Space, majestic experiences and a whole lot more.

00:00 Being an artist, gaining different skills, the advantages of knowing many mediums and skillsets, Moshpit, Upcoming mixtape, watching the work unfold as the future becomes present, advantages of a creative career, creative freedom, getting a team together in the future, solo work, editing.

07:10 Animation, Creating a series, goals, creating universes, 3D Modeling, Blender, 2D & 3D, Choices in style, textures and caricatures, The insanity of blender and 3D software, you can make anything, creating and being in it, filming vs animation, layers, evolution of concepts, drawing and conceptualizing, digital vs physical drawing and creation, you don't need to know how to draw to be an animator, just express concepts, favorite classes and lecturers, learning from different people, precision and creativity, 3D, music productions, scoring, performing, visual, audio and performance art, storyboarding, conceptualising and creating a final product

16:20 2021, its been a different time, the roller-coaster of the last 2 years, learning online, funding a dream, work, Performing, the magic of performing, the best feeling is someone vibing to your music, personal art and art for the people, expressing, words are hard to communicate with, the craft of art, dancing, learning how to utilize a stage, bars and beats, sharing feelings and emotions,

22:35 Biko, the past, the present, Black consciousness, Inspiring individuals, were all searching for our way to be alive, inspiring others with art, wounds of the past, effects on the present, education, Killer Mike, Krs One, Sharing of concepts, being African, Different cultures, its not binary, having 11 official languages in SA, different ways of living in one space, diversity, limits of diversity, Xenophobia, experiences of individuals from other countries, inspiration, generalizing, intentions, Criminals and contributors, creating value, Africa as One, Centralization under current political structure is an issue, Africa with one currencies, 3rd world and 1st world, infrastructure, council of leaders, Africa is extremely diverse, cultural differences, who can actually stand on behalf of a country, Africa will strive. Killer Mike

Krs One lectures


34:00 Space, People going to spaces, Treasure on the moon, giving future generations a quest, Where's the quests at? The amazon, dangers in the jungle, the Bahamas, A treasure hunt, Artists should create quests, how does something last generations , technology and skillsets change, passing down traditions, more about space, Aliens? , lifeforms beyond earth, representation of aliens, humans are cocky and think they are the superior form on earth, how that effects our view of aliens, Avatar, Human caused aliens, Moon bears, tardigrades, Forces in space, Speculative evolution, The moon landings? Question Mark? Somethings exist in Schrodinger as both real and fake as well as undecided, Humans on the moon, The Martian, Factors involving survival in space, time, forces and rotations, Interstellar, Some things we can only attempts to understand, dependent on our lenses, hopefully aliens don't come here, we will be alright, we strong and beautiful,

49:00 People that want to help, What do you do? How do you do? , options, helping in meaningful ways, caring for your community, helping people out, reassurance, living day to day. I would like to apologies for this weeks audio as the mics battery's died :( but at least we could recover enough audio from the backup earphones and camera, Keen to l have Odi back on in the future with some lekker quality though, but for now this still works. You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into some extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.