In this episode the guest is Marelize Geral, We talk a whole bunch of kuk and have a couple laughs in conversations about experiences, Being and life, The internet, Different generations and their interactions with life, Learning and skillsets, Some trippy shit, Crime shows, The ocean, Space, The cosmos, Individual experience and a whole lot more.

00:00 Heritage, Travelling, Places with dope vibes, Beautiful country's, Cape Town and adventures

05:30 Food, Breakfast, Booz and jungle juice, Jolling, chilling and dancing

11:00 Yoga, Meditation, Effort, Sleep, Presence, Anxiety, Vibes, Feelings and emotions, Identifying with things, Individual experience

16:30 The world, The internet, Seeing the whole world on the internet, nature vs technology, the outdoors, different generations internet experiences, Technologies effects on creativity

19:30 Gaming, People as game characters, Inappropriate internet behavior, blurred lines between games and real life, games over generations, The people who grew up playing GTA, Expensiveness of technology, Brands and Trends in tech, Technology and personal info, Tech spying on Citizens

26:10 Public speaking, Live shows and the pressure involved, Being prepared, Blanking out, Tests, Different types of people in school and ways they possibly grow up, learning from scratch, University vs Online education, Returning after failing, Practical and academic people, College vs work experience, Skillsets, different types of pressure in different work and studying environments and their differences, different lecturers, teachers and educators, Diving and being thrown into the deep end

35:00 Technological and privative Civilizations, WIFI, Always being connected, Our technological dependence, Futuristic tech, Robots, Technology taking over the world and interactions with technology

39:00 What to watch, Documentary's, Crime shows, Detectives and psychology, mental homes, Avoiding prison with the crazy card is a bad idea, Don't do crime, Interactions with shows and random human responses, Movies vs real, Things people find interesting, Strange experiences, The paranormal, Energy, vibes and places holding energy.

46:20 What's in the ocean ? Swimming in the sea, Ocean and space exploration, Perception, blind spots and mind tricks, Vehicles of exploration, There's a lot more to explore, Intelligent beings, aliens, The cosmos, Existence, Evolution, Speculation of future beings, Life after our time on earth, The afterlife and signs

59:32 Premonitions, Deja vu , attempts to understand abstract experiences, context, optimism, star signs, Tides, Waves, Water, sun and the moon in the context of energy, Full moons, Cosmological effects on humans, life, South Africa, Beautiful and willing people, Contribution, Selfishness and power, Unnecessary division, perceptions of different people , Constructs, Learning, Opening and upgrading your views.

You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into some extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.