The Astral Future podcast - EP 14 Aidan Ingrato & Lebo Mathopa

Aug 20, 2021

EP 14 we have some deep chats about Life, Business, Power, Control, Perspective, vibes & much more

00:00 Intro, common collective, Adjusting to different clients, Finding Solutions, Starting a business, South Africa, Funding, Graft, Going against the grain, Growing together, Gaining exposure, A lot of new clients and repeat clients, Communication, Mind to reality, Clients vision & an artists vision, different images

07:45 We are all unique, Views and Perspectives, breaking the norm, Things hindering entrepreneurs from success, Learning everything, Having a basic understanding, flagging problems, Some solutions aren't always comfortable, Drive, Psychology, Thoughts, You cant teach experience, Experiential and theoretical knowledge, School, Art, Being forced into creativity instead of spontaneous creation.

16:00 Avatar, The last Airbender, Educational cartoons, Morals, Explaining & understanding, Values, What do you consider values? Intentions, Relationships, Honesty, Holding back, Bad delivery, Respecting yourself, Time, How does one spend their life time? You cant do everything, The price of dedication, Going out vs chilling at home, Shoutout drum & bass.

23:00 Self awareness, Distractions, We have more in common than we do not, If you know yourself, you will know the gods, Self awareness is critical to apply daily, Giving yourself time, We can do anything with our time, learning yourself to sort yourself out, Loop theory, Mistakes, Until you learn, Growth, Soul tribes, people stay & go while you grow, unknowns

28:00 Being grateful, Everything happens for a reason, Karma, A time to reflect, Adults learn from trauma, Responsibility, What is your story, are you writing it yourself, Decisions and choices, Providing people with knowledge on how to know themselves, Kids should be taught how to learn themselves ( EP 1 we also explore this with Tristin) Reactions, Emotions, Think before you react, Processing, Establishing the line & boundaries, What you give You get, Respect, Walking away, High consciousness individuals rarely fight, Aggression & violence, Frustration & acting out, Struggle to channel calmness, Adrenaline, Fighting and defending yourself, We just want peace

38:00 Were just atoms colliding, Energy, Black holes in human interaction, , Vibrations, Body language, Beings in their true form, The mirror or reality, Tense environments, Bringing the vibe, Tunnel vision, Distractions, Reaching your full potential, We can do sum tings, vibes, Auras, Energy shifts between people, Colors, People caring & not caring about what others think, Different environments & ages as understanding evolves, Connections, holding on & releasing

47:40 Technology, The future of tech, Ready player one, Rate of expansion & access with technology, Robots, There is some technology we don't understand, Weather Control, There's people playing games, Creating demand, Freedom, Conforming into a system, What society expects, Finding happiness, Joy, Money doesn't solve issues, Bringing yourself to the table, What's rich what's poor what's broken what isn't, Dimensions of perspective, People are scared to share their own perspective, People don't entertain every concept you do, Flat earth, Round earth, ? Earth, Some places require clearance, What's under the snow?

55:00 The ice caps are melting, Climate change is a mind fuck, Some people are taking advantage, We are sinking , The water is rising, Weather changes, Human contribution to the destruction of earth, Crossing the line, How will humans behave in crisis, Systems of control, Population control, Vax, Personal choice, Issues of doctors & medicine in general, I'm not a doctor, We think we are not smart enough to have some conversations, Teaching your body, Expecting other substances, Turnaround time, Experiences with doctors, Lists of symptoms, Doctors don't have all the answers, Belief in credentials over individuals, There's no guarantee, Issues being found with the injections, Something seems off, How does one make their argument in fields they aren't professionals in, IP, Changing in information, Blocking progress, Generic versions, Holding no responsibility with people lives, Another wave, Changing information, many arguments make no sense, Making it clear, Failure by the people in power, Travel bans, Death, Choice, Fear, Whos profiting from this?, Power

1:11:45 What is a society?, Some jobs are undoable, If only people took responsibility, Government control, Safety, Who do you trust, Police, Failure, Cops don't always arrive on time, Sudden implementation of new rules, Who agreed to this?, Oppressors', Leadership, Private security, Training and ability, Dealing with to much, Defunding the police? Creating different units, Repercussions, How does one stand up? Internet bans

You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into some extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.

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