The Astral Future Podcast - EP 16 Matthew Dejager

Mar 10, 2022

In this episode we have some deep conversations about life, experiences, skill and risk, creating opportunities, personal understandings and experiences and pleeenty more . 00:00 Tattoos, Art, Artists, Body, Tattoos in different communities, getting tattoos, Pain, Fighting, Boxing, Sports, Fun, Positive environments 10:15 Traveling at different ages, Travel, Phuket, Comfort zones, Traveling, Safety, Solo adventures, Different situations, Crime, Guns, Kids with guns, Shitty situations, different ways of handling things, de escalation, self defense, Flexing, unnecessary behavior, chatting shit, Alcohol, Some situations are just weird, Life's not like movies, reactions, responses, triggers, thugs, hand to hand, having to fight, breathing, damage, how much? ending the situation, at the time its hard to read, Not as scary as you think, conflict, handling conflict, sudden reactions, aggression, adrenaline, thinking, skill, options, you never know what some one else is thinking 35:00 Helpful people, loyalty, Professional fighting, MMA, Boxing, How do you define fighting?, Olympic fighters, Different skillsets, Tevin Farmer, 1000s of options, financial stability as a fighter, injury's, payouts, attention, extreme sports, wingsuiting, isle of man, ous die, crazy shit, planes, don't drink before you fly, chilled vs laanie, dressed up, 1st and 3rd world 46:00 Adventures, brazil, Forest hikes, The Amazon, Bucket list shit, Its dangerous though, navigation without technology, Forests are getting destroyed, Climate change, Human interference, Earth, are we gona fuck it up or not? Space, Space civilizations, Space? Moon missions? Strap a go pro on a rocket ,Nonstop, Eddie Bravo, Homemade space traveling shit, Weather balloons, we cant deal with ourselves here ? why are we trying to populate other planets with our bullshit? Bezos, Rich people go to "space", Wealth distribution, Coperate failures, Amazon issues?, Killer Mike, Unionizing, No one is forcing you, Opportunities, Stability 56:00 There's always options to better yourselves, If you are determined to change your life You can, Francis Ngannou, crazy story's, will, Make it happen, People have made it out, Western Civilizations exaggerates/ overthinks a lot? You just have to see someone do it, Someone who inspires you, risks, Crossing the ocean on a blow up boat, The advantages of struggle, Respect, Some things you cant learn, Experience, Drive, Face it, Would you risk it?, Realizations', Scary shit, The unknown, Clear purpose, Understanding the mission, Risks are unknown, Progress, Time, Letting go, Relationships, Commitment, Mindsets, Energy, Rare shit, Changing your mindset, its about us, life? Different ways to see things, Being open to new experiences, Manifestation, Chilling, skills, People are different, Time management, Relationships & time, Time & work, Improving your life, Best working hours? Breaking down time, Limiting yourself? Questioning some things, Progress and balance 01:16:00 Music videos, Festivals, DNB, Eish, Events happening, Haha Fail, I need some DNB in my system, Missing festivals, Campsite vibes, Weed, Alcohol, Balance, Being there, Presence, doing things you aren't used too, distance, homies, Someone new vs not knowing, Recharging, Going solo, new languages, new people, Kenya, Experiencing places, Dangers of some places, Kilimanjaro, Mountain climbing, Matts adventure, Highest peaks in UK, Too much climbing, Ice walls, Windy shit, Experiences, Meteor showers, Starlink, Diving, Cowboy Cerone Joe Rogan, Underwater adventures, The sea, Creatures, The oceans power, dope beings, Stonehenge, Surprise motherfucker, Excavation, Ruins, Finding coolshit 01:38:00 Which time would you live in besides now? 80s, 10000 BC, Giant bugs, Cringe shit, imagining life in the 80s, Older cars vs new cars, New cars as classics?, The past didn't realize what was happening globally, Lack of awareness, Impact, Innovation and environmental impact, Past, Technology was poppin, Illusions, Tv, Shit used to be magic, selling magic?VR, Eyes, Senses, Gaming, Balance, Simulations, Real interactions, Wholesome & spiritual experience, Trolls, People chatting shit, Banter vs Stabs, Entertainment?, Selling a fight, Drawing in people, Mike Tyson crazy stories, Man has lived quite the life, Life crazier than shrooms, Dudes that can activate, Sugar Ray, Boxing backstory's, Cray interesting shit, real life movie shit, Pidgins and Gangster shit 01:57:00 Reading, Tools, Having Covi, Blacking out, Sick AF, , Mental strength, Placebos, Vibrations, Energy, Manifestation, Believing, Accessing positive thoughts?, The way we speak, Meaning, Understanding, Learning, Communication, Intention, Give everybody a chance, Buddha, People change, Lifes complicated, Choices, Openess, Predefined understandings, Not having examples of something, Family, Interacting & greeting, Different ways of expressing, Personal space, Growing, Pushing, lifes not passive, Crying, Memory, Aging, Living, now

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