Its EP 8 and we have Kieran Da Slilva in this episode, which I would say is a highly recommended conversation, we have a good couple laughs and also speak about a lot things that may be of value to listen too. In the conversation we speak about Aliens, UFOs, Space, Space Suits and evolution, Technology, Quality, Time, Instant gratification, Gaming, Hackers, Convenience, E Sports, Graphics, Evolution of VFX and Gameplay, Binge watching, Roles & Characters, Acting, Quality of Game Storylines compared to TV, Redefining the game, Communication, Filters (up to here is about 40 minz in)

We talk about the weather, Connection, Materialism, Energy, Awareness, Human Capabilities, Plants are Alive, Thoughts, Critical Thinking, Artists, Collective Consciousness, Dreams, Sleep, Explaining, Exposure, Context, The system, UBI, Government Control, Minimum Wage, Empowerment and control, Laziness, Wording, Funding, Influence on information, Breaking things Down, Addiction, How to deal with addicts, Rehabilitation, Crime, Snitching, Rappers Circumstances, Survival, Working together, Teamwork, Us, We, Stoners, Weed, Interaction's, Alcohol vs weed, MMA, Music, Rap, Mac Miller, Excuses, Belief, Rastas and lots more.

(Then in the last 45 minz ) we talk about different animations/ Shorts/ storylines and our favorite shows, from there we go into sports and the many different aspects of it involving viewership, gender, athletes, society's general interactions with sports.

So yeah we discussed plenty as well as laughed a lot, so aweeh yeh check this out :)

Links : Coming sooon You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into some extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.

I would also like to state that we explore some hectic information in some parts of this episode so there is a high chance its not for sensitive viewers, if you want too, it may be a good option to take it in bit by bit and have a break in-between.