In this episode we have Andrea Dries and Jordan De Witt, We talk about a whole bunch about a lot of different things. We discuss Delusional Self Confidence, Russ, Health, Diet, Motivation, Mind, Feeling Good, Energy, Activation, Geez, Sleep, Rest, Sleep states, Altered states, Dreams, Quality sleep, Tiredness, Awakeness, REM sleep, A little bit of confusion, Dimensions, , Lucid Dreaming, Manifestation, Progress. Karma, Work, The Universe, Cycles, Karma, Afterlife, Reincarnation, Death, the Souls journey, The Brain, Lifetimes, Different existences, Soul friends, lessons, Inevitable Fear, Unnecessary fear, Ancestral karma, Choice, Paths, Identifying problems, Dangers of Alcohol, raising individuals, different parenting, exposure to life, people and cultures, handling oneself, Job security, Risk if for the biscuit, Artists, Live Music, More Russ, Performers, Great vocalists, Collective consciousness, Festivals and schedules, Post Malone. Embracing our differences, Unattainable beauty standards, Professionalism, Groups, Why do we dress the way we do, Being yourself, fitting in, group mentality, Social media, Weight, finding what you are happy with, body types, different people, judgment, insecurities, false sense of reality, self belief, self love, be good to yourself, Depression, mental health, finding ways to deal with problems, positivity, Good and bad teachers, interest, effort, Letting people explain, transparency, Changing times, inclusiveness, unisex bathrooms, where are the lines, safety, real issues, comfortability, General safety and security, looking after yourself Growing up in SA. Trading, working online, money, meditation, dedication, opening your mind, adapting, social situations anxiety, interacting with people, relationships, individuals, together and much more.