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february 2022 - thank you!!!

Mar 01, 2022

Well, February was an eventful month... and I can't say it was all good. Personally, I was quite busy with uni exams and personal life affairs so I feel like my art was a little left behind, but still thank you so, so much for your support for yet another month!!! No matter what comes my way, I feel very relieved to have people see my art and find some meaning in it and I hope I can give back just as much strength to you. I feel like I'm being a little too sombre here, but we all know about the elephant in the room, the eruption of yet another war. Let's all do our best to keep ourselves and others safe and protest against this madness. I'll continue to make meaningful and comforting art and keeping the physical and online space I occupy safe for everyone. So, yet again, thank you for trusting me, thank you for seeing me, thank you for interacting with my work, and I will also try hard to provide even more during the new month!! Everyone, keep fighting for peace and love and you'll always have me by your side!!! ♡

With infinite love,
Ren ♡

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