Here's a few more characters from Owen and Diana's story, D701 a.k.a. Dix-sept (pronounced like "deset"), Owen, and ER01, Fairy! They're the 01 unit, each the first of their kind to be either made or discovered in the research facility and of course each carrying the burden of heavy experimentation, but at least they have each other... in a way. As you might know, Owen was always very passionate about leaving, so she had to leave Dix-sept and Fairy behind. What are your thoughts about it all?

I was supposed to serialize Owen's story as a comic but it's hard for me, so I'm thinking of turning it into a regular story and maybe publishing it chapter by chapter, with some illustrations to go along! ^^ However, I'm still undecided and I don't know if it will be interesting and where to publish it. I was thinking of wattpad, would wattpad work for you all?

Thank you for reading this far, stay tuned for announcements tomorrow~!!! <3